Touchless.  Accurate. Time Saving.


You will never want to go back to an excel document again after experiencing the power and reliability of our Stageforce RFID Inventory Management System. 

Radio-Frequency Indentification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an item. A tag can be read from up to 15 feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader to pick up the signal. Using RFID not only accelerates the inventory process significantly, it gives you an accurate inventory! 

Dynamic and Flexible

Stageforce software CAN be used without the RFID Reader and iOS app.  However, using the RFID Reader with the Stageforce app saves significant time and increases your efficiency. RFID tags are required to use the RFID Reader. 

The reader will reconcile any inventory you have staged at a property. It confirms what you do and do not have in a quick sweep, rather than individually scanning each item.

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The Stageforce RFID system requires 2 components: 

  1. The RFID iOS Reader - Stageforce iOS app bridges the reader information with the Stageforce program to process and transmit data to the software.  

  2. RFID Tags are attached to each piece of inventory to be tracked.