Select, Stage, Sweep

Built into our dynamic inventory software is your staging workflow. After creating the property and selecting the rooms, Stageforce gives you a great experience of shopping your own warehouse. It's fast and easy. Your stagehands can then locate and deliver the items and you will know the status of each staging job along the way. Need to change out an item? The system allows you to move products around easily so everyone is in the know. The RFID Reader reconciles the inventory and produces a history for each item. 


Create a Location
& Select the Rooms

LOCATIONS - This is where you input the details for each new home you are staging:  Lockbox codes, assign a designer, and seller or realtor information. You can then choose the rooms that are to be staged. Easy peasy!

Shop your own warehouse

Most of us shop online because we can easily choose from hundreds of items quickly. Stageforce gives you a similar experience with the most simple way to create splendid rooms with the rollover feature that give you the dimensions so you can determine scale in pulling the home together.

Our search feature allows you to navigate to the exact pieces you want.

Pull, Pack, & Deliver

Our comprehensive inventory management workflow creates a pick list for each job. The touch-screen, mobile site lets your stage-hands quickly confirm items have been LOCATED in the warehouse and DELIVERED to the job.

You can easily MOVE any item not used for the job  back into the warehouse OR you can easily choose additional items online that you need delivered.

staging and destage.JPG

Staging & Destaging

RFID reader lets you quickly verify the inventory. Now you can send anyone to de-stage an occupied home.

Move items back to their warehouse or continue on to the next property. A history is created for every product giving you the exact usage so you can make great furniture-buying decisions.