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Every account starts at $49 per month. Each subscription is based on the volume of RFID tags you are using.

Your subscription will allow you to work toward making the next big move to your growing success! 


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up to 1,000 tags


up to 4,000 tags


up to 7,000 tags


up to 10,000 tags

Over 10,000 tags - Contact us for volume pricing 

After you sign up with Stageforce, the next step is to stock up and request your free training session!  Order the RFID product tags, the RFID Bluetooth Reader, and additional tags to grow into from our Stageforce store.
Keep in mind: You do not have to purchase the reader to use Stageforce online. However, we have negotiated with vendors to bring you deep discounts on the RFID tags and reader.  

 The Stagency would like to offer you a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied within 30 days of your initial signup date.  Simply cancel your account online and email for a refund of up to $49.00 (one month initial fee).