bringing you the Tools of Today for your Staging business

Stageforce features are detailed, and flexible to serve your company's staging workflow. You can customize the system to meet your particular needs. Stageforce will help you successfully grow your business with increased ROI by giving you the tools to make smart product buying decisions and the ability to have oversight that enables you to train new employees even from afar! 

The staging business moves fast; very fast, and you need a system that can keep up!  We have incorporated RFID technology so you no longer need to to scan the barcode on each item - who has time for that?  Just sweep the RFID reader around the house and in less that 15 minutes you will have a complete inventory of all the items your team brought in!

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Built For Stagers

Stageforce comes pre-loaded with categories and subcategories for your products and rooms to be staged. It also includes a Main Warehouse as well as a Testing House for users to learn the system. 

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Transfer Items

Stageforce's Move and Manage features allows you to transfer all or part of your items from one house to any other location with ease, it's all online!

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Flag Items

Stageforce gives you the ability to flag items that may have an issue and need to be taken out of inventory temporarily. Flags include: taken out of use, input incorrectly, damaged (task repair), not ours-return to owner or sold. These flags can be used for tax purposes, accounting, and more. The software allows you to add flags and customize them to suite your specific needs.



Make Stageforce your own, and edit it to suit your individual workflow by taking advantage of the platform's flexibility. Customize your Categories and Defaults (such as room names and collections). Furthermore, we encourage you to think outside the box and use Warehouses or Locations for different ideas; such as, creating a warehouse for all your damaged goods and use it for tax purposes.


Calculate ROI

See precise staging use history for each item. The time is accurate down to the hour, showing you exact details of when it was moved through the system. Item by item you can see the ROI to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Determine which items to get rid of, letting you make room for new inventory!

Easy to Use

Our large visual interface walks you through the process of inputting your inventory. Stageforce is easy to understand with step by step procedures, and guides in both written and video format avaliable to users at all times. The system was designed with ease of use in mind, and a minimal learning curve to get your inventory up and running.


Create Collections

Collections are a flexible tool in Stageforce used to connect like items. You can add matching tables into a collection, put an entire room together in a collection, or even create new uses for them in your system! Collections show as you're selecting products and can be helpful to remind you of complimentary pieces.

Shop Your Warehouse

Who doesn't love working at home in their pajamas? Or enjoy a day on the beach while you shop your warehouse remotely for tomorrow's stage. Room by room, narrow down your search selections with the same precise filters from the main product's page.  Add to your cart in one click. Stageforce saves you time and increases your efficiency.

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Sell or Rent Inventory

Rental Report - SELECT products and pull a Rental Report for your proposals. 

Sales Report - avaliable during all phases of the work flow. Easily sell your inventory with your predetermined mark-up.

Admin Report - shows the rental, sales, and cost reports all in one place for an easy comparison.

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Advance Search

Stageforce has many way to manage your inventory. The main Products page allows you to search using keywords in the products name, exact tag numbers, where the product it staged/stored, and by Category and Subcategory. Easily drill down to find the item you're looking for.

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Complete Item Detail

Create your inventory online with precise data. Establish a naming convention for your products, specify the vendor you purchased the item from, select how you bought it and even the exact SKU number. Input dimensions and financial information to track your ROI. You can add a description and an image to the product as well!

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 Dashboard Reports

At a glance get an overview of your jobs and their realtime status.  

Save time, stay organized, and cut out the spreadsheets and paper work. 

You can also pull reports by vendor, and flagged items with more coming soon!